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Account Online

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Manage your Sears card account online--whenever it suits you. Securely view your balance, statement, payment due date and recent transactions.

It's already available to you if you are a Sears card holder, and it's free. Once you have your Sears card, register for Account Online

With Account Online, you have all the tools you need to:
  • Check your balance or available credit
  • See when a payment is due or posted
  • View unbilled activity and statements
  • Make your card bill payment online
  • Email Customer Service with secure messaging

Paperless Statements

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Chances are, you're already doing tasks online that help make your life easier. So why not add getting your account statements online only to the list?

  • Receive an email notification when your statement is ready to be viewed online
  • View and download statements from the past 12 months in formats that include PDF, Quicken and Microsoft Money
  • Access statements online for up to 7 years
  • Set up email and mobile alerts--including one that reminds you when your payment is due

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Recurring Payments1


Maximize your account's potential by automatically paying your recurring bills with your Sears MasterCard® Card.

  • Peace of mind
  • Less paperwork, no hassle
  • Easier bill tracking

Just contact the companies that bill you on a regular basis to set up automatic payments with your Sears MasterCard® Card number.

1 Recurring Payments is a service provided by individual vendors/merchants, and not by Citi