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What makes the Sears MasterCard® card different than a Sears Card®?

The Sears MasterCard® card offers the same great benefits as a Sears Card®, but it may also be used at millions of locations that accept MasterCard® credit cards. It can also be used for cash advances at thousands of ATM and branch banks all over the world, if your account has a cash advance feature.

How do I transfer balances to my Sears MasterCard® card?

If your account has a balance transfer offer available, simply sign-on to Account Online and select "Complete an Online Balance Transfer Check" under the Tools & Services Menu, then choose the offer available for your account and follow the instructions. Or, when your card arrives, use your home phone to call the number that is provided with your new card. If you qualify for an offer, we'll contact your other lenders and move those balances to your new Sears MasterCard®, subject to credit approval. Please have the names and addresses of your lenders, your account numbers and your balance amounts ready when you call.

What types of balances can I transfer?

If your account qualifies and subject to credit approval, you can transfer balances from your bankcards and store credit cards to your Sears MasterCard® account. You can also transfer your auto, student or personal loans. We cannot balance transfer to a checking account, savings account, another person, the IRS, or another account issued by Citibank, N.A. or its affiliates.

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As of 6/11/15, the APR for purchases and balance transfers is 25.24%, and the APR for cash advances is 27.15%. These APRs will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. The Minimum Interest Charge is $2. The cash advance fee is 5% of each transaction; minimum $5. The balance transfer fee is 5% of each transaction, minimum $10. The transaction fee for foreign purchases is 3% of each purchase transaction in U.S. dollars. See card agreement for details.

1 When you provide a current and valid email address and opt in to receive electronic communications.

2 I.D. required. Sears and Kmart stores only.